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About Dr. Ulysses H. Scarpidis

A man’s worth goes beyond his appearance, but there is no denying the confidence that comes with strength and success. Dr. Scarpidis is a plastic surgeon in the New York area, and he helps men attain their health goals. He approaches body contouring for men from the perspective of a skilled doctor, an aesthete, and a man who takes pride in his work. He’s sought out by New York’s most health-conscious men to enhance their natural features.

Dr. Scarpidis stands apart from other doctors for his integrity and unparalleled aesthetic skill. While Dr. Scarpidis performs SculpSure procedures with precision, leaving his patients confident and feeling youthful, skill alone is not why New York’s finest flock to him. Before performing a procedure, Dr. Scarpidis takes the necessary time to understand each patient’s unique situation, needs and goals. he will only perform a SculpSure procedure on men who will truly benefit from it. Above all else, Dr. Scarpidis values the health of his patients.

Expertise is gained through passion, experience, and knowledge — each of which Dr. Scarpidis possesses.

Notable research

Dr. Scarpidis is nationally respected among plastic surgeons for his groundbreaking research on the effects of aging, and the clinical application of laser liposuction. As a clinical investigator in laser liposuction (SmartLipoTM), Dr. Scarpidis presented guidelines for the safe and efficacious use of this technology at national Plastic Surgery conferences. To date, he continues to be invited by plastic surgery associations across the country to present his findings on the effects of aging on the face, as well as his signature facial rejuvenation techniques. His work has earned him the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgery Clinical Poster Competition Award two years in a row.

Dr. Scarpidis began his work in plastic surgery while studying at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and Hackensack University Medical Center. As a result of his outstanding work, he was chosen to represent his colleagues as Administrative Chief Resident.

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