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Treatment Areas: For Men

SculpSure is the perfect compliment to a man’s nutritious diet and exercise habits. Over the course of a mere 25 minute treatment, men can catalyze the loss of 2 - 3 inches from their treated areas. While ideally we could all maintain motivation to be our best, the fact is, sometimes we need a little outside help. When a man’s confidence is lacking, it can impact all aspects of his life. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your resolve in the kitchen or at the gym, WarmSculpt by SculpSure 2.0 can help you melt fat off your abdomen, love handles, or thighs.

The Abdomen

Hundreds of sit ups in and still seeing a pouch of fat glare back at you in the mirror? You’re not the only one. Often, men who work desk jobs have a difficult time overcoming biology: fat has a tendency to accumulate over the lower abdomen and hip bones. Great news! A SculpSure treatment can finally help you see your stomach muscles and jumpstart your motivation to maintain healthy habits.

When you receive an abdomen SculpSure treatment, you will recline in a chair while Dr. Scarpidis targets fat deposits several inches above and below your belly button. Expect to feel a warming sensation as the laser penetrates your skin to discharge the fat cells hiding your abs.

The Love Handles

Men’s hips also often accumulate fat deposits. Sometimes, even the most rigorous crossfit routine won’t get rid of your love handles. If you’re ready to slip into a speedo, or fit into your ski pants, and if you’re frustrated by your fruitless efforts to work off your love handles, a SculpSure treatment may provide the assistance you need. A SculpSure love handle treatment will diminish the fat accumulations on your hips by up to 2-3 inches.

The treatment lasts 25 minutes and patients can expect to see results in 6-12 weeks. Upon completion of the procedure, patients report feeling motivated to maintain healthy living habits.

The Thighs

Behind your hamstrings, inside your thighs and around your backside you may notice extra weight you’ve wanted to remove for years. Sometimes the fat that finds it’s way to a man’s backside and lower legs takes more than a stair routine to get rid of.

WarmSculpt by SculpSure 2.0 treatments in the thigh area leaves men’s legs and backside lean, sculpted and masculine enough to show off.

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